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    • Power Button:
    Press this button to switch ON/OFF of monitor’s power.
    • Power Indicator:
    Blue — Power On mode.
    Orange — Power Saving mode.
    • MENU / RETURN:
    Turn the OSD menu on/off or return to the previous menu.
    • Adjust ▲▼:

    1. Adjust Picture Mode and Audio Menu when the OSD is off.
    2. Navigate through adjustment icons when OSD is ON or adjust a function when function is
      • Hotkeys:
    3. Restore Brightness and Contrast defaults:
      To reset both the Brightness and Contrast to their default values, press the 【▲】and 【▼】 keys
      at the same time.
    4. Change Resolution:
      For similar screen display resolutions (see table below), the screen resolution can be changed by
      pressing the【 】+【 】button to achieve the optimal display quality.
      640×[email protected] ↔ 640×[email protected] ↔ 720×[email protected]
      640×[email protected] ↔ 720×[email protected]
      1400×[email protected] ↔ 1680×[email protected]
      ** The screen resolutions available will depend on the purchased model.
    5. Change Picture Mode: [The availability of this function depends upon the selected model]
      Press 【▼】 key to select one of the following modes「Standard」,「Game」,「Cinema」,
      「Scenery」,「Text」. Default is「Standard」.
    6. Power Lock / OSD Lock:
      Power Lock: Press【i / R】+【▼】 key for 10 seconds to lock button, repeat this step to unlock.
      OSD Lock: Press【Menu】+【▲】key for 10 seconds to lock the OSD buttons, repeat this step to

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